Wednesday, October 19, 2005

FTC asked to go after fake blogs

Consumer advocacy group Commercial Alert has asked the FTC to investigate "stealth" marketing campaigns, where companies create and maintain blogs that appear to be from ordinary people but are in fact created by Corporate Marketing Departments for the purpose of selling products, among other tactics.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yahoo Delivering Weather Forecasts With RSS

Yahoo is now providing weather updates via rss .

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Industies that need to podcast

Kevin Dugan has a well put together list of twenty industries in which branded podcasts might engage the customer. Number nineteen is “Higher Education”. Podcasts are a perfect medium for instructors to publish lectures for their class. Here is the rest of the list.

1. Airlines: Travel and destination guides

2. Apparel/Retail: Behind the scenes at fashion shows, interviews with models and designers, guide to the season

3. Automotive: Test drives of new models with team drivers, interviews with designers, race reports from behind the scenes-NASCAR, F1, rally

4. Beverage Stores: Festive reviews of selected wines, spirits and beers

5. Books/Music Retail: Guides to summer or Christmas releases, interviews with bands and authors, sample readings from authors to promote an in-store appearance

6. Financial Services: Retirement guides, investing tips, planning for college education

7. Golf Equipment: Guides to courses, interviews with sponsored athletes

8. Grocery Stores: Interviews and recipes from well-known chefs

9. Health Insurers: Wellness tips, meditation guides, nutrition guides

10. Home Improvement Stores: Step-by-step guides to home improvement

11. Hotels: Destination guides, jogging routes, music to jog to, walking tours of cities

12. Micro-Brews: Interviews with the brew master

13. Movie Studios: Interviews with actors or directors, movie making production diaries

14. Sportswear: Interviews with sponsored athletes, event diaries (Olympics, World Cup), and interviews with designers, fitness and training tips

15. Travel and Tourism: Guides to destinations, travel tips

16. Vineyards: Interviews with wine-makers

17. Whisky Makers: Interviews with the makers, tours of the distilleries

18. Video Games- Interviews with game designers, production diaries

19. Higher Education: In a recent show, Shel mentions how Duke University uses podcasts to communicate with incoming students and provide them with lectures. Duke University is one of many schools podcasting.

20. Investor Relations: Consider how many earnings webcasts are out there. Consider how much more cost-effective a podcast can be. A podcast also gives the listener several options on how/when/where they listen to it. Shel also mentioned this in his recent presentation about two seconds after I also considered the idea.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Editor Wanted

The Blog Herald is looking for an editor for the Search Engine Herald. It doesn’t pay much, but it is exposure on a site that does get more traffic than this one.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Top Ten Ways to Get Blogged

Techcrunch (a blog devoted to covering newly launched web 2.0 businesses) has published a Top Ten Things You Can Do to Get Blogged. The list is supposed to help new companies build a buzz in the blogosphere. Number two on the list is “Approach Bloggers Directly”. I’m still waiting for that phone call.

MINI Cooper Consumer Blog is devoted completely to the MINI Cooper. This is a great example of how companies will need to learn to lean on consumer blogs as a tool to market their products.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Using RSS In Your Next Job Search

Joel Burlsem points out that many job search websites are beginning to use RSS for custom job searching. No more logging into your Monster account to check for new openings. They can be delivered right to your desktop.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Videocasting; The Next Big Thing

I've been gone for a while, but I'm back and hope to keep the blog updated regularly.

Podcasting has been catching on and companies are embracing it much quicker than they did blogs. Thanks to the rapid adoption of MMS-capable phones with color screens and Apple's work towards an iPod that will play video, videocasting is set to be the next big thing. Let me dream a little here, but what about the capabilities of using PSPs (Playstation Portables) to distribute on-demand video. No matter how you look at it, videocasting will open up a whole new world for global marketing.